Confectionery Selfishness

I was drawn to you because you were Candy Coated
Had me high like a kid sniffin’ Pixi-Stix
Like a fiend looking for a fix
You were the perfect mix of sweet & strong like a Peppermint Twist

Words of comfort and trust fell from your lips
Like slightly melted Chocolate Chips
Your tongue and kiss were Honey Dipped
Your smile as bright as white Chiklets
Skin the tone of Butter Pecan Ice-Cream I couldn’t help but lick…

And I wondered —
How many it would take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of you
You went down easy like Nesquik or Yoohoo
Personality as flavorful as a Jolly Rancher that turns your tongue blue
I was stuck on you, the way Bubblegum sticks to a shoe

My confectionery masterpiece.

Spontaneous as Pop Rocks
Made the bed warm like Redhots
And my teeth hurt like Gum Drops
It was a sugar high that I didn’t want to stop


Time passed.
As slowly as a Now-n-Later

Flip the script you did
Your true self was hid
And my Mr. Goodbar turned into a Sour Patch Kid
Walking around as if you had sucked on a Lemon Head
Bitter as Licorice; black, not red
You no longer looked at me like 100Grand
But penny candy from the corner store on the Ave.

My personal, confectionery masterpiece

Who still had skin smooth as a Hershey’s Kiss
But no longer had Honey dripping from his lips
I became diabetic
I had to diet
Because of his confectionery selfishness….


~ by RealmDeity on July 8, 2010.

5 Responses to “Confectionery Selfishness”

  1. Wow…this was dope. Enjoyed every line:-)

  2. Wow,the sugary sweet methaphors gave me a supreme sweet tooth. This piece reminds me of a piece I wrote called “She was Ummmm” Keep doing what you’re doing. My wife just read and she said “That is Hot.” Indeed it is.

  3. I came across this through twitter… I really enjoyed this here. Took us to the candy shop

  4. What interesting metaphors in this poem…you worked them well…enjoyed reading it.

  5. Sweet! love it 🙂

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