Making the Mark…

There are some lessons we seldom forget. Be them lessons that the universe teaches us, lessons we learn from others, or lessons we learn from our own selves. I have been blessed to encounter beautiful, kindred spirits in my life. One such spirit is a long-time mentor, and now friend of mine. She is significantly older than I, but her heart is young, her soul is open, and her light shines radiantly.

When I was in high school she taught me an invaluable lesson. I tweeted about this earlier today, but felt my spirit pull me to write about it:

I was a freshman in high school at the time. I’ve always been a person who had their life “figured out” (in retrospect life was ‘figured out’ for me). I knew what I needed to do to succeed as a black woman in this country; and I excelled at those things.

I went to meet with her just before my last day of school. When I met her at the park we usually met at, she gave no salutation, just handed me a piece of sidewalk chalk and told me to “mark this side of the building as high as you can.”

Intrigued, I stretched myself to my full length – arms extended and on the highest points of my tip toes – and drew a line.

She smiled, then asked “do you think you can draw one above that line?”

I contemplated, and exerted all the energy I could, jumped up and made a mark a few inches above the first line.

“Very good” she said. I was proud, but then she asked me “Can you draw a line even higher?”

Perplexed, and I’m sure with questioning eyes, I looked around and saw the 2 chairs we always sat in at our visits. I maneuvered them, stood on them, and drew a mark well above the two lines I had drawn previously.

She nodded, and asked me one final question: “Why didn’t you make that mark the first time?”

My answer was simple: “I didn’t know I could…”

As I answered, IT hit me like no other lesson I had learned to that point. That question was all that I’d needed…It propelled me into another thought pattern. My entire life, though short, I had been reaching, strenuously, for things I could surpass with ease in the right mind state. This has meant so much to me…I use it in and & every situation.

This encounter changed my life. I use it on ALL the young girls I mentor. It never fails – I get the same answer. I’m just glad that there was someone that willingly took the time to show me that I COULD, and I am honored to be that light in another young girl’s life to show her – in ways far better than words – that she can too…


~ by RealmDeity on June 1, 2010.

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