Dreams Remembered: May 7, 2010

In this dream I was in a vast green field (I had the feeling it was in Africa – though I nothing in the dream stated that fact).

As the sun rose, I came upon a kind of alter. It was a massive tree stump over 5 feet wide, but at the northern most point of the stump a new tree had begun to grow (I know it was north because of the rise and setting of the sun). I stood on the stump and the new tree rose up to my chest.

The top of the new tree, as well as all the branches, had been cut off. I stood there all day – from the rise of the sun until the setting of the sun – and the entire day people from different ethnic groups were bringing me apples to eat. At dusk they all came back and joined me, and an elder began to teach.


~ by RealmDeity on May 7, 2010.

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