Dreams Remembered: May 1, 2010

I haven’t remembered a dream in weeks. I’m not sure if today’s date is significant, but either way here is what I dreamt:

I was in a field, just sitting; relaxing. A coyote came out of the woods, looked me in the eyes and retreated. I didn’t feel threatened, but I felt anxious. I went back to just sitting.

Sometime later a group of small children came along in the field. They played a little ways off from where I was sitting. As I was watching them play I heard a rustle. I turned toward the sound and looked the coyote right in the eyes again. I held my breath.

Suddenly the coyote made a break for the group of children. When I realized what was about to go down I did the same. I caught up to, and flung the coyote away from the children. They gathered behind me as the coyote regained his footing. We circled one another (dances with wolves style), him -again – looking into my eyes.

A young woman came up from behind the coyote, and when she saw the situation she scream. The coyote turned toward her abruptly, and began to take off toward her.

They coyote chased her, and I chased the coyote until the young woman made it the steps of an elder shaman’s house. His door was covered in paintings and statues of coyotes standing on just 1 of their hind legs (kindda looked like a yoga pose). She pounded on his door. He rushed out of the house, just as I screamed something – cant remember the exact words – to the coyote.

Immediately the coyote stopped and turned back towards me. He paced back and forth, looking me in the eye of course, and then strolled past me. Seeing this the shaman drew in a gasp of air & disbelief. He took his staff chanted something to the sky, and pointed his staff in the direction of the coyote.

The coyote rose up on 1 hind leg (like the pictures painted on the shaman’s door), chanted something, and went back on all fours. I felt a rush of something – wind or energy, and my ears started ringing for a moment. When I opened my eyes the coyote was seated right next to me. I looked around and the young woman, and the shaman were gone.

I started walking, and the coyote followed me. The coyote spoke, in a language I don’t know in real life – but understood in the dream. And I spoke back, and we walked together out of the field.


~ by RealmDeity on May 1, 2010.

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