Journal Entry #1: The Beginning of the Journey

Journey into consciousness…

I’ve felt the pull for many years, but only in recent weeks – maybe months – have I made the decided choice to pursue my higher self. Once I made the decision to strive for knowledge and wisdom there was no turning back.

I’m at the point now where I feel bombarded with new information to learn and overwhelmed by the amount there is to un-learn. Being raised in a Christian household I still find myself struggling to let the totality of that indoctrination go – and yet I feel the pull to explore it like I never did when I was practicing the religion…that’s for another entry.

My recent approach to enlightenment via the so-called black consciousness culture has been that of an addicted hoarder. I’ve been reaching, grabbing, possessing everything that has come across my path with no respect of purpose, order, or methodology. I’ve come to the realization that I don’t know how to begin to study, truly study. Call it my personal battle with miseducation, but I’ve spent my entire life regurgitating information – not analyzing and making critical judgements. This is an unexplored frontier for me.

Between history, astrology, cosmology, astronomy, metaphysics,  psychology, religion, spirituality, chakras, astral projection, Egyptology – Kemet/KMT, hieroglyphics, sound, linguistics, light, melanin, sciences and all the other things there are to learn about in this ‘movement’ I’m feeling a bit like I’m in a whirlwind and just reaching out to grasp anything I can get a hold of.

Not only are there subjects to master, but there are the various mediums in which they are presented. The traditional books, articles, and websites, but also Twitter (my twitfam is THE BEST), YouTube, Google, Wikipedia. And finally there is the deciphering between the nonsense and madness, unbelievable (or maybe too advanced for me at the moment), and making an informed decision of what is truth, and what is still fallacy.

All of this is very new to me, and I’m glad that I have been guided to it in the form that I have. I guess I’ll just keep searching until I find a methodology that works for my headspace, and I’ll keep documenting the journey into consciousness.


~ by RealmDeity on April 29, 2010.

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