The Blessing in Blackness: Thoughts on Melanin

I’ve been doing a lot of research on the Pineal gland, Melatonin, & Melanin and I just wanted to express my thoughts and findings thus far. I’m not an expert in the field or subject matter (nor do I claim to be). This is just a ‘brain dump’ of all the things I’ve collected to this point on the matter. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else doing the same research. More posts on this will come and I encounter more information. Enjoy…

When discussing Melanin we can not go fully in-depth without discussing the Pineal gland & Melatonin. The Pineal gland is an organ that is found at the center of the brain. This gland, also referred to as the Inner or 3rd eye, is approximately the size of a single kernel of corn.

Ancestrally it was well known that the Pineal gland, or 3rd eye, was the ‘seat of the soul’ – and when properly activated it would allow us to move from our lower nature to our higher selves. Activation of the Pineal gland was believed to allow us to meet God face to face. This process is even referred to in the Bible. Genesis 32:30-31 reads:

“And Jacob called the name of the place Pineal, for I have seen God face to face and my life is preserved. And as he passed over Pineal the sun rose upon him…”

The Pineal gland is the first gland developed in your body, and appears in homo-sapiens a mere 3 weeks after conception. There are 5 things that the Pineal gland is responsible for:

  1. Inner Eye – Sensing light and darkness
  2. Biological Clock – Tell our bodies when to do it’s functions
  3. Pacemaker – Sets the pace or rhythm for the body
  4. Compass – Helps us orient ourselves
  5. Production and Secretion of 2 biologically key hormones:

The Pineal gland is responsible for producing & secreting the hormones Serotonin & Melatonin. Serotonin is secreted during the daylight hours, Melatonin is secreted in night time hours. These hormones work inversely.

The Pineal gland is influenced by several things that allow it to function properly:

  • Light, more specifically natural sunlight
  • Temperature
  • Food, particularly green raw vegetable (because of chlorophyll, which is plant melanin)
  • Sleep, this is particularly important for the production of Melatonin. Science has shown a direct correlation between night and the secretion of the hormone Melatonin, it reaches it’s max at midnight.

It is important to note that Melatonin is meant to be produced and secreted at night while sleep. Therefore, a decrease in Melatonin or too much Melatonin production during the daylight can cause depression.

Melatonin has several proven functions. It boosts memory, intensifies REM or dream sleep, organizes our system biologically, mentally, and spiritually, slows aging, strengthens immune system, puts us in a pleasant mood, and resets out biological clock – which helps us adapt to new environments/time-zones.

Melatonin creates Melanin. Melanin is a chemical substance that gets secreted into the blood. It is primarily responsible for the pigmentation of our skin (skin color), but also serves in other capacities.

The function of Melanin is to serve as a natural sunscreen. It protects Huemans from harmful UVRays from the Sun, protects against skin cancer, protects against Parkinsons disease, and protects from radiation.

Scientific research has also shown that melanin has several life sustaining benefits: it is believed to counteract stress, minimize jet lag, regulate biological rhythms, and may even protect against cancer & heart disease. Melanin is not produced on accident or by chance, the production of melanin requires certain nutrients – particularly amino acids.

A nutrient deficiency will cause the melanin to be recessive or virtually inactive, manifesting in very light, or pale, skin pigmentation. As well as light hair and light colored eyes. If the proper nutrients are in place the melanin will manifest in black/dark brown skin, dark hair, and dark eyes. Therefore, depigmentation is a direct correlation to the genetic inability to produce a sufficient amount melanin.

Scientifically there are 6 classifications of melanin:

Type 1/2/3: referred to as having pheo-melanin1 are those that are “caucasian;” Euros that are often Irish, Welsh, and Scottish

Type 4: are lightly tanned; Japanese, Chinese, Italians, Greeks, Spanish, and some Indians fall into this type

Type 5: range from brown skinned to very dark (black) skin; Mexicans, Malaysians, Puerto Ricans, and many South American inhabitants

Type 6: true or eumelanin is found in this type; egyptians, ethiopians, nigerians, african americans, and Australian aborigines all make up this type

Comprehending this typography is important to understand one essential characteristic of melanin. Melanin in it’s purest form is “jet” black. It is the deepest black because of it’s ability to absorb and store energy – both light energy and sound energy. The reason melanin in it’s purest form shows up black is because the chemical structure will not allow any type of energy to escape. The more energy that is absorbed the darker the melanin, and therefore the darker the pigmentation.

Types 5 & 6 are able to absorb the most energy. Types 1-3 are melanin recessive, and therefore instead of absorbing energy they reflect it. This is particularly evident with light energy, because when light energy is reflected it shows up white.

The difference between pheo-melanin1 and eumelanin can be distinguished scientifically by the amount of sulfur present in the melanin. Eumelanin was found to have 0-1% sulfuric presence, and pheo-melanin1 was found to have 9-12% sulfuric concentration. So, while whites do have a Pineal gland, their gland is calcified and therefore does not produce melatonin in abundance.

It is believed that melanin responds to and absorbs light energy, sound energy (specifically through music), and electrical energy and uses the absorbed energy to disperse to parts of the body like a nutrient. Creating a symbiotic relationship, melanin is essentially involved in the mental and physical aspects of every part of the body in a melanin dominated (Type 5 & 6) person.

Melanin is also known to be necessary for proper receptivity to energy in the external environment. Everything in nature emits some kind of energy. Melanin keeps Types 5 & 6 tuned with the great ability to be aware and intuitive regarding their surrounding environment (remember when old people would know rain was coming before the weather person? They said they could feel it.).

Again, it is very important that we, eumelanated people, keep our Pineal gland activated – so that it can act in the manner it was designed producing Melatonin & Melanin. Again, how do we activate our Pineal gland?

  1. Sunlight – It is very important for eumelanated people to spend time in natural light.
  2. Chlorophyll – In the form of green vegetables, raw is best
  3. Sleep – Before midnight, as we see a significant spike in melanin at that time
  4. Water – Another purifier for the body it helps release toxins
  5. (Good) Music & other strong vibratory frequencies – this is particularly important for the Pineal gland (I’m still researching this so we’ll get into this another time).

~ by RealmDeity on April 26, 2010.

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  1. A-MAZ-ING blog!! I’m lovin’ this and have posted it to my Facebook pages!! 🙂 Expect a few extra hits!!!

  2. excellent excellent excellent!

  3. Loved it and copied and sent it to friends. YAY!! Great info!

  4. Thank u for distributing such valuable information! Keep it coming!!

  5. Thanks for the information cause I have these little white spots appearing all over my skin. I couldn’t get any melanin at the drug store but was able to purchase melatonine and was wondering if it will help with this problem I’m having. I’m satisfied with your report/article that melatonine is just as helpful in addressing the problem. thank you very much.

  6. Fantastic research, keep it going!


  8. Just what I was looking for. Thank you.

  9. Did you read about the link of increased melanin production to higher intelligence and faster development in babies?

  10. I became aware of melanin research thru You tube. Dr Jewell pookrum has a series called Melanin the technology or melanin 101. Since listening to her, I have done more research and all researchers agree about melanin.
    This release of research about us is astounding and now it’s a game changer. Thx for posting your findings. The melanin information should be on full blast around the world.

  11. Fascinating article – many thanks for posting it! Have been turning my grey hair black with the use of coconut oil – more food for thought?!

  12. Good but you forgot to mention DMT a chemical secreted by the pineal gland inducing a spiritual awakening. People who are given the naturally occurring psycho-active chemical, all report the same experience, a great connection with the universe and oneness. This is how visions occur. Native peoples tend to know all about this, It’s all connected.

  13. churrch!

  14. I am researching melanin as well. Very happy to read your blog and your download on the information you have found. The more we research and discover these beautiful truths the more we awaken the untold truths we are carrying in our DNA. Blessings to you Sis.

  15. this report was a blessing as it summarizes and clarifies my own research into this exciting subject. Any updates yet?

  16. thank u

  17. what do the pharmaceutical corporations do with melanin gotten from black fetuses and black bodies? can you say some more on the plant and type 5/6 group melanin?

  18. Your post is very interesting and I like very much to learn as much as I can about melanin and all.that it is capable of doing for the hueman mind body and soul.please keep me posted.

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  20. I checked the Genesis 32:30-31 quote and it had 2 different spellings:

    30 And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel: for I have seen God face to face, and my life is preserved.

    31 And as he passed over Penuel the sun rose upon him, and he halted upon his thigh.

    That’s the problem with translations I guess.

    Also.. I thought the Pineal gland is so named because it resembles a pine cone. There is one big statue of one outside the Vatican. But I don’t know what this all means.
    Is ‘pine’ or ‘cone’ from Hebrew?.. because that’s what is was written in.

    Getting confusing.

    I wish peace to all. Whatever the amount of Melanin you possess.

  21. This is truly amazing. I have come across this website apon connections which I felt within. I had some very intriguing thoughts and reaccurrances-having to do with my hair becomming darker while going through depression. The odd thing is, and I still cant explain it without feeling a bit silly, but at the same time, I get blemishes that turn into freckles. Also freckles that blemish. The freckle then seems to dissapear after clearing up. The freckles that blemish over and dissappear return some time later as the original freckle. – It lead me to look up skin issues. I realized all these things were connected somehow and through I still cant completely make sense of it all, I see a connection that your website gave me insight to.

  22. Your Blog post is crucial. Thank you. I didnt expect to find this information. Blessed.

  23. I thank God for you and this powerful information, I use a lot of chlorophyll because I have some training in Herbs, God healed me from cancer because I had Medical Doctor that introduce me to Natural Herbs, He used Herbs for his clients and I also sale a very good liquid chlorophyll and also sale melatonin extra, I had to use it for jet lag, when I returned from China, I went there to minister to the Chinese people some years ago, thank thank you so very much, I Love, Honor and Respect you so very much!!! I also give a Shout Out to Queen Nei, for referring me to this Powerful Information, she is apart of our wonderful BBMF, we meet Monday’s thru Friday’s at 7:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on 712-432-0075 Code 915358#.

  24. Well said!! Great Information!!!!!

  25. Great research keep it up.

  26. Great research! Thank you for this great information.

  27. Its quite interusting. Thanks for posting.:)

  28. I really appreciate your time and research! Do you have a personal site or YouTube, IG, FB account?

  29. Melatonin (melanin and serotonin combined). Melatonin is a combination. Therefore, Melanin (hormone/protein/molecule) is the correct word to use instead of using the word melatonin.

  30. Thank you. I have read most of this on the net. Your composition puts all the facts in order and sequence. I believe that there is no such thing as coincidence. When researching the pineal gland one is inevitably drawn or directed to theses conclusions. I wonder if there is a higher being guiding our research and awareness. I wonder if this is good or evil. Are we been guided or manipulated. ?
    I was googling astral travel. For some unknown reason the song fireflies was playing in my mind. I googled the lyrics and lo and behold the song is about astral travel. Strange but true. Are we about to see a dramatic evolution in human awareness and spiritual development? I am scared and excited. Peace be upon you. Zed

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    Was reblogging this due to a post I had done regarding the importance of melatonin and melanin in dark skinned people, and the source of strength it supplies to dark skinned people.

  32. I’m white, but now I’ll have to rethink that since I’m from a part of Europe that was called “Little Rome.” That you made me think more deeply about skin color and what it means is very positive. I came here to learn more about melanin and melatonin because I thought there was a connection myself. Sometimes I think science ignores things when it’s politically inconvenient. I’m really glad I read this because it explained a lot. Like why suddenly people in my family can’t sleep after age 40, especially women. And why we tend to move South as we age nearly unconsciously. And why it seemed like if I went to a tanning salon (generally in preparation for a cruise) I could sleep better, actually a lot of things were better. And why I have more of a feeling for music than many people I know. I’d like to know more about the calcification process and what that means and how it is reversed. I wonder if that’s why “chelation” therapy is so popular. I’ve never personally seen people with very dark skin doing that.

    I always thought there must be some reason why Eastern Europe has to have a name separate from just Europe. I always thought we were “tainted” in the eyes of western Europe by our long war with the Ottomans. But now I have to think about this because the “taint” they perceive may be simply one of melanin. The interesting thing is, a lot of Celtic prehistory is found there too. Well, here’s a toast to difference and may we all learn to be fond of it instead of afraid of it.

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  34. […] The Blessing in Blackness: Thoughts on Melanin […]

  35. Highly informative and useful.

  36. Nicely written, thank you.

  37. Honey, this post gave me life!!

  38. Great article. Thanks

  39. Awesome too good !!! Do you have a page or facebook group. I would love to join the group

  40. Thanks. This is informative and educational.

  41. Well writing this is probably really unnecessary, but I stumbled upon your blog while googling something for medschool and I just wanted to tell you (or anyone who is still reading this) that Melatonin does not make Melanin. And Melanin does not get released into the blood. It get produced by Melanocytes in your skin and stays in the skin.

    • Yes, you’re technically correct. As mentioned at the beginning of the article I’m not expert and this was a gathering of information I had come across… Melatonin does not ‘create’ melanin HOWEVER it is essential to the creation process. Thanks for the clarification.

  42. This is so informative and uplifting – definitely worth teaching in schools. So sad that cultural diversity does not translate well across other cultures; we could be so much more advanced now if only people stopped competing with each other!

  43. This was great. Thank you. Really enjoyed reading it. Please carry on doing your research and sharing. May God bless you with more melanin 🙂

  44. Just because you have white european descent in you doesn’t make your gland immediatly calicfied. And I’m guessing your darker skinned with your biased in general, and said quote for quote “Again, it is very important that we, eumelanated people, keep our Pineal gland activated”. I love the info you shared but be a more specific, yes if your caucasian your genetically more prone to pineal calification. But not born with it.. Other wise I like the blog.

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